The Backup, Wipe and Reinstall..Oh My


The BWR..

Every week we perform this service for our customers. It's important to understand what the service actually means. To preserve your personal data it's important to save or copy your USER data located under the USER folder. There can many of these USER accounts depending on who uses the computer. We collect or copy out all that data and will reinstall it back to your hard drive when the wipe is complete and the OS is reinstalled. What we call a wipe is a format of the drive whether it's a HDD or SSD. On some occasions it may be necessary to securely wipe the drive because of a serious virus you have on your drive. Formatting wipes the slate so to speak, and gives your a clean palate and allows the reinstall of the OS or operating system. For more information on formatting a hard drive, try googling "format a hard drive" for a more technical explanation. The reinstall consist of installing the OS of whatever operating system you need, whether that is Windows, Linux, etc. In addition to the OS, many operating systems will require many updates downloaded and installed to bring the computer to a current and usable status for you to use it. There can be many reasons why a BWR is needed, but it's a great way to start fresh and begin again when you need to.