Shawn's Computer Repairs is located in the Confluence SBC office. No appointments are necessary. Walk-ins are welcome. Repair work is completed on a first come first serve basis. Emergency repairs are available when needed. Our repair turn-around time is typically 24-72 hours during business hours.

Why do I need a backup? Most of us these days have personal data we would like to keep. If you don't want to lose your personal data you need a backup. A backup is a copy of your data from your hard drive. These would include Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos and for most of us they are located under the USER folder and in My Documents folder to be specific. In the event an operating system becomes corrupted or the hard drive fails, you need to have your important data backed up on to some area where it is unaffected or lost. What you’ll need to complete a backup is either a flash drive, external drive or a partition on your current drive where your data (Documents, Pictures and Music and Videos) can be saved to. For most customers the USER folder has 20 Gigabytes or less of pictures, music and documents and we cover that in a backup, wipe and reinstall. Any data captured over the 20GB limit is charged at .75 cents per Gigabyte. We perform this service for our customers routinely and I can’t stress enough the need to complete a backup regularly. 

Virus or Malware
What's the difference between them you ask?  Malware, short for Malicious Software is equally as bad as a virus.  They are essentially the same,.. as a virus on your computer is malicious intent on making your computer respond or do things you don't want it to. We also reset your browsers and provide a few additional maintenance service that most repair companies do not offer. We are experts at virus removal and can get you back up and working again. 

Disk Image
What is a Disk Image?  Disk image is a snapshot of your data files on the hard drive. The beauty of it is that if your hard drive dies or is virus corrupted you can reload your image on to the hard drive. Think of it as a moment in time, a sort of time traveling into the past.

Hard Drive Failure or Larger Drive Replacement
We replace hard drives all the time and can typically get a replacement drive shipped in the next day.  The new drive will need the OS installed with drivers or a disk imaged loaded onto the drive.

LCD Screen Replacement
Cracked? No image on screen, but works with an external monitor? Send us the make and model for an estimate. Usually the charge is between 1-3 hours to replace, plus the cost of the LCD panel. Some laptops for example, the Sony Vaio’s have a complex design and can require taking apart much of the laptop just to replace the screen. But on average it takes an hour to replace it.

Laptop Power Jack and Cooling Fan Replacement
Simple parts, but can be tough to replace. The laptop many times has to be totally disassembled to remove the motherboard and replace the power jack. There are two types of jack ports, cabled and surface mounted. The cooling fans also need replacing, although designed for thousands of hours of operation they do wear out. A new application of thermal paste for the processor is also recommended when replacing the cooling fan. We routinely replace port jacks and cooling fans. This job can be a several hours labor to replace.

Registry Repair
Many things get left on your hard drive when installing an uninstalling programs and files. Most times they are left with data that is going no where, and just left behind from poorly executed uninstall programs. This can slow down your computer and have you wondering where that fast computer went that you bought? Get rid of that junk now.

Defrag the Hard Drive
This is a problem we see quite often and it’s really underrated. A hard drive can fail losing all your data from the lack of a defrag. It also speeds up your computer so Windows can find your files faster. Microsoft created a defrag program in Windows a long, long time ago. It works well, though we prefer a third party defrag program because in our opinion and others it’s more intuitive and easier to use.

Data Recovery
Yes we offer this service as well and we have a very good success rate. If we can’t recover your data here in our shop, we have some great outside vendors whom we work with that can recover your precious files. These outside data recovery businesses offer a clean room and some high tech tools to get at your data when we can’t. Save yourself some much needed grief and pain, let us make a backup or disk image of your hard drive. If no data is recovered, there is no charge.

Remote Login
Some people say it’s just creepy, because it looks like a ghost is using their computer but it's just us. With your permission we can run a remote login from our shop to your location to fix some issues on your computer that you may need help with. We also offer instruction, and this is many times a fast, cheaper way to get that knowledge base to you.

Repair, Replace, Parts, Etc
We also repair or replace things that are not even mentioned here. Failed Motherboard in your laptop or desktop, we can replace that. Need a new laptop battery or charger, we can get that for you  Want to get your computer running faster, add more memory. Adding more memory is one of the simpliest things you can do to speed performance. Call, email or text us today to get started.


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