We repair vintage apple products*

(* Any Apple product more than 5 years old)

Do you have an older Apple product that you love? That you want to keep? 

If so, you are not alone. Apple considers any machine older than 5 years "Vintage" and refuses to work on them. Should you bring it into the Apple Store their solution is to buy a new one. We at Shawn's Computer Repairs know that is not always an option. Don't let them tell you something is unfixable. Whether your Apple product is running slow, won't boot up, or something else entirely, we are here to help. 

Call, email or stop by today for an evaluation. Walk-in's are always welcome. 

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Amazed! Amazing fast customer service, local, friendly- HONEST and they got my work computer fixed and now I don’t have to spend 1k on a new one. I’m so thankful. I took it to the Apple Store multiple times with NO help- no answers minor fixes that worked a for a few days. Shawns computer repair is TOP notch. I would recommend over and over.
— Savannah Revis

Common Issues

  • Data Recovery
  • Screen Replacement
  • Replace Hard Drive
  • More RAM
  • Newer Software
  • Make Backup
  • Replace Logic Board
  • Upgrade OS
  • Battery Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Data Transfer
  • Track Pad Issues
  • Malware Removal